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SWF Opener 1.3

SWF Opener 1.3 is a free utility to view and play .SWF files

SWF Opener 1.3 is a free utility to view and play .SWF files.
This files are the type generated by Adobe Flash CS3 or any flash generator. You can download them from lots of flash websites.

If you needed any time to see what´s in an .SWF file, SWF Opener 1.3 will be a great help.

The program lets you open any .SWF file and save it with the same name or another name. It lets you view the flash content in full screen, with different background colors, view the .SWF Cache, show all the content of the flash file, make it fit in the screen, remove borders, avoid scaling, pause the motion clicking your left mouse button, associate SWF files with SWF Opener and change the program´s icon.

Using the Playback option you can play the chosen file from the start, go back and forth, advance to the end or auto replay.

You´ll need to have the last version of Flash Player installed, otherwise the program won´t work.

The program comes bundled with a link that gives you access to its online help, that you can see if you have an Internet connection.

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